Sunday, September 23, 2018

Prepping and Pantry Idea's

Good morning my friends its 8:15 am on a Sunday. Maryland is gloomy and raining outside. We have had rain almost everyday since Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina's. 

I made a decision to work toward preparedness. I must do at least 1 prep a week. I will admit my list changes and grows according to season, life, weather, economical, children (growing) and family needs. I do alot of online shopping for convenience and thrifting to make ends meet. I will be sharing my online deals as they arrive. I received my 1st shipment of 3 yesterday. I bought 1 Augason Farm Powdered Butter for an excellent price a No. 10 can for $17.00 with long shelf life. 
 Here is an economical idea I bought this glass jar with closure to help preserve and keep ants out of my Sugar. I found this gem at the Dollar Tree $1.00. These are also great to hold spices and other foods. We get ants in the home and this helps to deter them from visiting the kitchen along with Essential Oil mixture of Cinnamon and Water spritzed on the counter tops. Smells great and ants dislike it.
Lastly, I went to the Thrift Store and found this lantern for $5.99 its a Ozark Trail Floating Lantern and works!!! I added 4 D batteries I picked up on the cheap from the Dollar Tree. I do recommend buying alkaline long lasting batteries but the cheap ones are good to test items out. I hope you enjoyed my share towards prepping.
You can do it from a small scale to large. Its not a race rather a journey of change in the way you think, buy, and creating new habits to strengthen your new mind set.

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