Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why didnt I.....Hurricane Florence

                          In the face of incoming Hurricane Florence

I wasn't ready. What I needed here is my list.

-Needed more Water (family 6) = 180 gallons a month
1 gallon per person a day
-no cook foods (protein bars, snacks etc)
-tarps for broken windows or leaking roof
-better secondary form of cooking
-propane heater (winter event) propane tanks empty
-food and water in upstairs location in case of flooding
-emergency car bucket not complete nor updated (changes seasonally)
-self contained meals just need hot water (close package and wait)
-several other forms of lighting (led,flashlights, wicks/oil)
-not enough preps on our boat (food,water, etc)
-relocation of first aid for easier access.
-extra gas for car and generator
-did not start canning my own food for extended foods in pantry
-battery or hand crank radio and clock (mine is in the basement) need to find it!
-more organization
-grab and go important documents 
-clothes line system and 2 large buckets to wash clothes by hand
-face masks and eye protection (swimming goggles)
if yellow stone erupts. 

I shared in my video Dollar Tree has great tarps and sternos for cooking (2 hour use) that I should of already had in my stash but none where to be found. I paid 18 bucks for 2 tarps from Ace hardware.  I need to work on my list and get these items into my preps. On my learn a new skill list is canning foods/meats for my family. Now, I'm sure I am missing some things on this list. I will sit down and give some much needed thought to our needs. I challenge you to look at your home and your families needs. Make a list of what is missing in your preps and start chipping away to get your family ready.

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