Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Dollar Tree Prepping items

Here are a few items I bought for my preparedness. I hit jackpot at the Dollar Tree. These are the items I purchased. All $1.00 each. All these items go for more money in mainstream stores. I like to mix my dark canned chicken with chuck white makes a good combo.
1. 26 cans Crider Premium Dark Chicken 10 oz US product
2. 10 Old Orchard Apple Cider 64 fl oz
3. 2 Krusteaz Biscuit Mix Country Style just add water
3. Hats and Gloves for the children
4. Warm socks for myself Snugadoos Too
5. Gossner 2% Milk shelf stable good till August 19 2018
6. Campbell's Chicken Gravy 2 cans 13.8 oz

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