Monday, July 1, 2019

What if there is a War

When we think of War we fear events that we have no control over. When it happens close to home and effects our lives we are shaken to the core. We immediately check on our family, bank, home, food, gas in vehicle and supplies. You may even wander about your home thinking what am I missing (plastic for windows/wood for fireplace/boots/coats for my children). What do I need that I don't have. Then worry may set in. A gnawing feeling of unease during tense times. You begin to wear a cloak of uncertainty everyday that leads to a depression. You wake up not wanting to and push through your days in a haze effecting those that love you and need your support. Being there but not truly there.
Where is your Spiritual Armour? Is it on and Strong? Did you immediately takes minutes to ask God for guidance and wisdom during these times. Did you reach for the Bible or say a verse you may have memorized. Our Spiritual Armour is just as important as water, food, and medicine. Without a Strong Spiritual Armour we can be broken easily. Mislead by the mischievous... they will try to trick you when your tired and weak. If your Armour is on there is a constant light in your sight. You see things more clearly with a renewed sense of direction and inner strength.

We must work on our Spiritual Armour so we may be strong during times of havoc. Reach for your Bible today and begin or continue your journey with him to see clearly during the days when everything feels uncertain. 

Finale: We only fear what we are not prepared for. Prepare Spiritually and physically with your families needs so you will not have fear rather confidence knowing you will be okay during uncertain times. 


  1. Yes!! You stated it perfectly. I watch your YouTube channel but in order to comment there, they want me to have a channel n I just won't do it but I 'like' on as many video's as I can. I study; paper, pen n literally write every verse with coinciding verses from other books of the Bible; most every morning, there is nothing wrong with taking 5 or 10 minutes a day n spending it with God to gain guidance n knowledge from Him dirrctly, just like we spend time with our husbands, wives, n children, we too can make God part of our family if we decide to. Many have turned their backs on God, example 9/11 n everyone crying out God bless us yet look around n see what has happened since, we have allowed so many abominable things, in God's eyes, to slip into our country n lives that we no longer are looking to God but instead are inviting Satan to our tables, so to say. God will not bless us, if you do not keep Him near like we do with the wares of Satan.

    Remember the cartoons from years ago when they would have the little devilish figure on one shoulder of a character n one angel on the other shoulder, that character is us. Each of us struggles to keep Satan at bay, or sin if you'd rather, but it is so easy to let Satan in because Satan wants us in hell for eternity, God doesn't want that but gave us the right to free will; making our own decisions to put it simply; n Satan knows that n bombards us with things we truly can do without but oh that is something I 'want' instead of something I 'need' in our sinful nature that keeps us heading toward Satan.

    If you'd like to keep God near, here is a site that sends daily n weekly updates to your email of you'd like to sign up:

    Grace Thru Faith

    They have articles on Scripture broken down for even me to understand, they also answer follower questions but they don't take all day to read or go thru as they limit it to 3 questions n 1 article usually.

    Have a great day Ana n God bless.

  2. Hi Anna, thank you for posting this. It has really helped me a lot. The little things really do mean a lot! This has given me confidence and courage when I get to feeling we al do at times. It made me realize that whatever I'm going through at the time will pass. It will get better. There for I can be of help to others and not feel sorry for myself...poor me! I watch your u tube channel faithfully. You give me so much inspiration in so many ways..Thank you. God Bless you and your family. You are lovely.

  3. God bless you Ana
    The Enemy is here to destroy but God is always here to save us from evil you just have to surrender your old ways and let God transform you in what it is written for our lives. I gave my life to Christ a long time ago and wnot change Him for anything. I've learned at a mature age not to stress because He is in Control always, but sometimes we want to do it on our own and it doesn't come out right. The says, I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me! So get ready with Jesus before the End of times because here on earth will get worst not better. I want to be totally ready when that time comes and Christ comes and gets His church. Be blessed

  4. I am so pleased I found your channel and it's all because I seen dollar tree hauls💗 I enjoy shopping there as much as you do, its relaxing to me!!!God Bless