Monday, September 24, 2018

Rationing Food Whats Happening!

Sugar and Wheat

Alot of people are out of touch with the decline in food production in this world. Weather has played a significant role in its decline. The main news/media doesn't report the shortages occurring around the world. It takes a studious person to recognize these events. People are not drawn to food production until it effects them. India has a wheat shortage due to its own weather that destroyed their production other countries are refusing to send them wheat. The U.K. farmers have suffered loss's along with the rest of the world. 

When you see rationing its a Red Light! Mexico produces sugar/sugar cane. Our relationship with them has been strained do to the current administration. The plentiful Imports that we used to get no longer come in as before. In the U.S there are 4 states that grow sugar cane (mainly) Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Hawaii not enough to supply America's needs. Asia is a large producer but our relationship with them along with many other countries are strained. The new Tariff's will hit us as well in many ways the average consumer is not ready for.

I have friends that live in Mexico. Mexico has begun to ration sugar and wheat. This is an alarming action as they are a producer of these. They are restricting the amount anyone 1 person may have per month. If you are caught trying to acquire any additional through the black market there will be much trouble. None of this is in the main news media. 

As soon as I found out yesterday I wanted to share it with all of you. Especially my prepping families. You may want to consider looking at your sugar and wheat stock and seeing if you need more. In the future there maybe problems with supply and demand. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Dollar Tree Prepping items

Here are a few items I bought for my preparedness. I hit jackpot at the Dollar Tree. These are the items I purchased. All $1.00 each. All these items go for more money in mainstream stores. I like to mix my dark canned chicken with chuck white makes a good combo.
1. 26 cans Crider Premium Dark Chicken 10 oz US product
2. 10 Old Orchard Apple Cider 64 fl oz
3. 2 Krusteaz Biscuit Mix Country Style just add water
3. Hats and Gloves for the children
4. Warm socks for myself Snugadoos Too
5. Gossner 2% Milk shelf stable good till August 19 2018
6. Campbell's Chicken Gravy 2 cans 13.8 oz

Prepping and Pantry Idea's

Good morning my friends its 8:15 am on a Sunday. Maryland is gloomy and raining outside. We have had rain almost everyday since Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina's. 

I made a decision to work toward preparedness. I must do at least 1 prep a week. I will admit my list changes and grows according to season, life, weather, economical, children (growing) and family needs. I do alot of online shopping for convenience and thrifting to make ends meet. I will be sharing my online deals as they arrive. I received my 1st shipment of 3 yesterday. I bought 1 Augason Farm Powdered Butter for an excellent price a No. 10 can for $17.00 with long shelf life. 
 Here is an economical idea I bought this glass jar with closure to help preserve and keep ants out of my Sugar. I found this gem at the Dollar Tree $1.00. These are also great to hold spices and other foods. We get ants in the home and this helps to deter them from visiting the kitchen along with Essential Oil mixture of Cinnamon and Water spritzed on the counter tops. Smells great and ants dislike it.
Lastly, I went to the Thrift Store and found this lantern for $5.99 its a Ozark Trail Floating Lantern and works!!! I added 4 D batteries I picked up on the cheap from the Dollar Tree. I do recommend buying alkaline long lasting batteries but the cheap ones are good to test items out. I hope you enjoyed my share towards prepping.
You can do it from a small scale to large. Its not a race rather a journey of change in the way you think, buy, and creating new habits to strengthen your new mind set.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Simple Autumn Home Decor

Autumn brings me a feeling of nesting. All the rich deep jewel tones of mother nature. I long to surround myself with them. I have already begun changes in my home. I had white curtains (fabric shower curtains) in my living room and on my rear sliding doors for summer. 

Time to bring in those warm rich colors for the season. I found these curtains about 2 months ago from the thrift 1/2 price off . Someone donated 6 panels. I bought all six each at $4.00 each. They are a lovely toasted dark tan with white cross hatch look and metal grommet circle. The ones below are on the rear sliding door off to the deck. The other panels grace my living room window. 

The beautiful hanging wreath below I found 90% off from Tuesday Morning I paid only $4.99. I was so happy to had found it months ago while visiting my mother. We no longer have a Tuesday Morning close by so it was a treat to go. The green wreath hanger is from the Dollar Tree.

Remember simple changes here and there make such a statement in our homes. I will be sharing my home decor changes with you as I go. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hurricane Storm Surge is Serious

I just viewed a very good video on You Tube to give you a visual of what may happen with storm surge/water rising. These are real dangers! I hope you use this as an educational tool for understanding how quickly water can rise and its effects.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why didnt I.....Hurricane Florence

                          In the face of incoming Hurricane Florence

I wasn't ready. What I needed here is my list.

-Needed more Water (family 6) = 180 gallons a month
1 gallon per person a day
-no cook foods (protein bars, snacks etc)
-tarps for broken windows or leaking roof
-better secondary form of cooking
-propane heater (winter event) propane tanks empty
-food and water in upstairs location in case of flooding
-emergency car bucket not complete nor updated (changes seasonally)
-self contained meals just need hot water (close package and wait)
-several other forms of lighting (led,flashlights, wicks/oil)
-not enough preps on our boat (food,water, etc)
-relocation of first aid for easier access.
-extra gas for car and generator
-did not start canning my own food for extended foods in pantry
-battery or hand crank radio and clock (mine is in the basement) need to find it!
-more organization
-grab and go important documents 
-clothes line system and 2 large buckets to wash clothes by hand
-face masks and eye protection (swimming goggles)
if yellow stone erupts. 

I shared in my video Dollar Tree has great tarps and sternos for cooking (2 hour use) that I should of already had in my stash but none where to be found. I paid 18 bucks for 2 tarps from Ace hardware.  I need to work on my list and get these items into my preps. On my learn a new skill list is canning foods/meats for my family. Now, I'm sure I am missing some things on this list. I will sit down and give some much needed thought to our needs. I challenge you to look at your home and your families needs. Make a list of what is missing in your preps and start chipping away to get your family ready.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

PBS The Miniaturist

I was browsing my subscriptions on YouTube. I saw a new show featured on PBS. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw the Dollhouse in their new show called The Miniaturist. It is based off the novel written by Jessie Burton "The Miniaturist". I have never read the book but just down loaded a free sample read on my kindle. The book costs a bit on kindle so I may go to the library to try my luck. 

The description provided on PBS:

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Working on my Prepping Food Stock

A while back I shared that I found a food dehydrator at the Goodwill for a great price it looked brand new in the box with all the paper work. This was one of my things on my list to help with my pantry. 

I believe in stocking up for a rainy day. I had 5 bananas that were needing to be used. I have never dehydrated bananas before so this was a new venture for me. I've checked on the progress and its looking pretty good so far. I am about 4 hours into them. See the picture above.

I am taking on learning new skills and this is one of them on my list. Next, I will be going through my pantry(s) and taking inventory. I will be changing things around and move the foods that need to be used to a different location in my kitchen. I believe this may take me a few weeks a little bit at a time. At the end I will have a clear picture of what I need for my family and what I have on stock.