Thursday, September 20, 2018

Simple Autumn Home Decor

Autumn brings me a feeling of nesting. All the rich deep jewel tones of mother nature. I long to surround myself with them. I have already begun changes in my home. I had white curtains (fabric shower curtains) in my living room and on my rear sliding doors for summer. 

Time to bring in those warm rich colors for the season. I found these curtains about 2 months ago from the thrift 1/2 price off . Someone donated 6 panels. I bought all six each at $4.00 each. They are a lovely toasted dark tan with white cross hatch look and metal grommet circle. The ones below are on the rear sliding door off to the deck. The other panels grace my living room window. 

The beautiful hanging wreath below I found 90% off from Tuesday Morning I paid only $4.99. I was so happy to had found it months ago while visiting my mother. We no longer have a Tuesday Morning close by so it was a treat to go. The green wreath hanger is from the Dollar Tree.

Remember simple changes here and there make such a statement in our homes. I will be sharing my home decor changes with you as I go. 

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