Thursday, November 29, 2018

1 Month Up-Cycle Challenge Clothing, Accessories, and Home

Recently, I have been going through my home donating many bags of toys, clothes, and household items. However, I chose to keep certain pieces I felt that I could improve upon to keep in my wardrobe. I am challenging myself to Up-Cycle these pieces so I can continue to enjoy them in a new way. 

They have a lot of great You-Tube videos and Pinterest ideas on this. I am a beginner so I will aim for simple changes and work my way up. I enjoy looking at the creativity and thought process of others. They create pieces and styles I would not have thought of myself. Remember there is no right or wrong in this challenge. Everyone has a unique style and this will allow you to express yourself via Couture (Unique HandMade).  I will be sharing a video on my channel about his challenge and sharing some of the pieces I would like to change. 

Up-Cycling is not new. Many countries use this method in their everyday lives. They use every scrap of fabric/material notions in their possession. Nothing goes to waste. They use materials for not only clothing, coats, hats, gloves, scarves but also home (Curtains, Sheets, Pillow Cases, Table Cloths, Room Dividers, and dish towels). Some even make shoes.

We have becoming a consuming country with a throw away mentality. If something breaks just throw it away and get a new one. If a shoe needs a new heel or sole just toss it. When was your last visit to a Shoe Repair/Cobbler. Do you even know where one is located in your area? They are now far and few to be found. 

Where did all the Hat Makers and Glove Makers go? Hat/Glove Stores were women and men would shop for unique or a simple daily wear. This would be a place where customers would talk to each other and catch up while shopping. Women and Men alike would not have a complete outfit without a Hat and gloves. No matter your station or place in life.

We are swimming in the ocean of mass production in a daze. When the tides turn economically a lot of us will be drowning in the confused state of how to survive with what we have with no skill to create, mend, re-use, and re-create. I ask you to join me on the personal challenge and try your hand changing or updating a piece of clothing, jewelry, or home item. 

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