Thursday, December 13, 2018

Homemakers Pantry and Prepping Challenge

Here are some canned foods I bought from the Dollar Tree today to help expand my pantry and prepping efforts.A friendly reminder most Dollar Tree stores accept manufacturer coupons. Please visit their website for the coupon rules I looked up prices online to see what my savings are and I was pleasantly surprised. 

How to Extend Your Canned Goods:
Simple ways to extend canned meals by adding chicken/beef stock, vegetables, rice, noodles, or all. These canned foods are also good for left over chicken or beef you simply break it up add and touch up with spices. 

Crider Dark Chunk Chicken 10oz goes for $2.17 at Walmart
my savings are $1.17
Campbells Kitchen Classics Chicken Noodle Soup 14.5 oz cost 
online $1.98 my savings are $.98 cents
Campbells Kitchen Classics Beef Barley Soup 14.5 oz cost 
online $1.98 my savings are $.98 cents
Hormel Chili made with Chicken 10.5oz cost online $2.00 my savings are $1.00
Hanover Wedding Bell Soup 15oz goes for $1.58 online my savings are $.58 cents

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