Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Making Your Home Your Haven

Making your home a Haven. This can be done little by little.

1. Cleanliness
2. Organization
3. Decluttering when feeling overwhelmed
    a. donating
    b. giving to family/friends/neighbors
    c. selling your unwanted or used items on ebay/poshmark/yard sale/church etc..
4. A home that smells good either by cooking, fragrance, or cleanliness (love the smell of Pine Sol in a home). 
5. Changing your home decor on a budget
    a. Thrift Stores
    b. yard sales/church sales
    c. create a swap party where family/friends can bring 10 items or more they no longer use or want everyone gets to swap for things they may need. Everyone wins. You can even do them by theme ex: Christmas, Autumn, Halloween, Clothes/Accessories, Home Decor/textiles, Crafting, the themes can be limitless.

These 5 Simple Steps begin the journey to making your home a Haven. This has been a journey of sorts for me. I have been donating alot.  I slowly chip away at it each day going room by room and getting myself together. Setting up bags for donation and putting items for other times/seasons away. 

First Step is to Start!

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