Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Winter Home Preparation and Car Kit List

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it will be the coldest one since 1996 in Maryland. The arctic cold air from Canada will sweep in and leave our area struggling with frigid temperatures and wind chills in teens and 20's. This is a nudge from mother nature of how chilly our weather will be in the coming months. I hope all have taken out their winter items here is a list t help get your home ready:

1. Winter Clothes: sweaters, scarves, warm socks, layering shirts, warm pants
2. Winter Coats, hats, gloves/mittens/scarves/ear muffs
3. Winter Warm Shoes: any kind 
4. Winter Car Kit (see below separate paragraph)
5. Home window treatments curtains lined flannel, plastic window treatments (Dollar Tree),caulking (Dollar Tree), carpeting on cold floors
6. Blankets: comforters, throws (around the home for extra warmth), warm flannel bedding or fleece.
7. Room dividers for home that are older/chilly a common practice is to use curtains on the door entry ways to keep the chill out from the main home (by closing out unused or colder rooms). This does help. 
8. Fireplace/wood stove or back up heat source if your blessed to have one of these have enough wood/propane to carry your family through a tough season of cold harsh weather. (We don't have either in our rental)
9. Home Slippers or thick socks to keep the chill away while in the home
10. Sweaters or Cardigans for the home solely that you can leave on a go to place to keep the chill away. Great for the entire family and keeps illness/colds at bay. Its better to take off layers.
11. Humidifier Cool Mist: we have them in our bedrooms to help keep the air with a touch of moisture this helps keeping colds at bay as well. These must be cleaned every few days or 1 time a week.
12. Having your pantry fully stocked at all times so if there is a winter storm you don't have to make a store run.
a. Water, coffee, juices, ciders, teas, cocoa's
b. Food, soups, pastas, rice, beans, veggies, fruit, canned foods
c. Toilet paper, paper plates, plastic utensils, tissues, napkins, paper towels
d. cleaning supplies
13. Medicine: anything your family normally use:
cough and cold
fever reducer
diarrhea/fiber/anti acid
head ache/pain
sore throat lozenges
thermometer (they have these at the dollar tree)
first aid/ace bandages for sprains.
herbal tinctures (if you make them yourself)
women's personal care (pads, tampons, treatments Yeast Infections Azo Cranberry Pills for Urinary Tract Infections etc) 
diapers for families with younger ones
baby wipes for body 
14. Keep a full tank of Gas at all times whenever you can if you need to leave/evacuate you can quickly

Winter Car Kit: Blankets, Warm Hands, Extra Hats/Gloves (Dollar Tree),Water, Food, Extra Warm Clothes, Boots for walking, Medicine/First Aid Kit, Portable Urine Container, Winter Blend Windshield Wiper Fluid, Windshield Snow Remover, Flat Tire Repair Can, Jumper Cables, Playing Cards, A few entertainment items if your stuck for hours in your vehicle.

If you have extra money for the car kits: a battery jumper 

I know this list is not complete if you want to leave any suggestions please leave them below in the comment section. I hope this helps someone.

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