Tuesday, November 8, 2022

A Major Event Will Affect Everything Get Food Now!


How many times have you been this woman in the photo above? A  mom sitting at a table struggling trying to figure out how to feed her children, heat their home, mend clothes, and push through the day while being ill. While her children unaware of any real world problems playing around her. This is a common place thing that happens. The stress of the world brought into our homes because of unpreparedness. Her cold cellar maybe close to empty and no money to go to town for essentials like flour, sugar, and yeast. The cow that provides milk is sick along with the chickens. The milk and eggs that normally is a daily staple has come to a grinding halt. Now, letting out hems for her growing children and placing patches on thread bare clothes for the winter her fingers grow sore and she holds her head from the stressful ache.

As a homemaker there is not a day that we don't see in the news that food price continue to rise. Food manufacturers are cutting down their selections and retiring long time favorites because of inability to get supplies to make them. News of the ever changing and devastating affects on the climate and its toll on harvest/fields around the world. World Health Organization sounding the alarm for starvation that may knock on our door. Economist telling people to prepare and stock up on food because of looming shortages. 

Fact: China has over 1 years worth of grain and that they are not sharing. 

The current War with Russia and Ukraine that may pull in other countries and a shock around the world will occur. We will feel its affects in many different ways. But if we prepare and educate ourselves we can all be in a better position to get through the hard times ahead. 

How do we protect our families from struggles? We stock up our food pantries and prepare. This will look different to many. Some may buy up shelf stable goods like canned/tin food, rice, dry beans, oats, yeast, flour, sugar, spices, coffee, water, and more because of limited mobility health problems, lack of land, or simply don't have a green thumb to save their life. While other families will grow food and can them in glass jars and others still will grow food in a as needed basis and buy shelf stable goods. Everyone will have a different way to care for their families. We are not to judge. The point is get it done. As long as our families are being feed and not going hungry. 


  1. Thank you, Ana, for the reminder for us to continue to prepare for what this world has in store for us. I hope everyone takes heed and acts accordingly.

  2. Thanks for this great post Ana! Yes, we must always continue to prepare!

  3. Thanks Ana good advice! Plus alittle extra if I need to help an elderly neighbor or a mother in need. I've been taught that way.