Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Walmart Grocery Store Haul With Prices

 I went to my local Walmart this week. As I walked around I couldn't believe my eyes. The prices are soo high. I passed by many items that I felt were simply to costly. I gathered as much on my list as I could that I felt was within reason. Then I walked up to self check out. Our store only has 1 cashier available for an entire store to boot. After all was said and done my grocery's cost $219.50

I felt it was important to share this video with prices as a historical document that can be referred to in the future. Prices will continue to climb. As more weather events effect farmers and crops.  Many countries are keeping their major exports of sugar, grain/wheat, coffee etc. for their own people. Many have stock piled preparing for War. 

I will be doing the same for my family preparing my home for uncertain times ahead. 

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