Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Signs of Recession are Clear..Are you Ready

Within these past few weeks major changes have occurred around the world.. including right here in the USA affecting our economy. Political decisions made with little to no care to the average American. Those making decisions with millions/billions of dollars in their banks, land, homes, and portfolios. They will not feel the struggle, pain, or difficulties the average person will. They have lost touch with reality and now we will tumble. 

The news is riddled with what is about to happen. Many say the 2nd greatest depression is heading our way. I'm sure it doesn't help that the Grand Solar Minimum (Weather) is wreaking havoc on farmers and our food supply around the world. Organizations stating a shortage of food will cause famine and hunger. Governments/Countries around the world have been stock piling seeds and other supplies in secure locations getting ready for whats to come. So, why are you not getting ready. 

What Should We Do?
1. Don't Panic
2. Prepare: make list's of thing items your home/family needs
3. Buy Food: prices are already going up.Buy food your family consumes at prices that are reasonable before it becomes difficult.
Dry Good: Rice, Beans, Salt, Sugar, Flour, Seasoning to prevent food fatigue,Canned Goods. Buy Seeds grow your own food and herbs for medicinal purposes.
4. Medicine: Cold medicine, fever relief, pain relief etc..
5. Vitamins: keeping healthy will be important (multi-vitamin, vitamin C) etc.
6. Water: this is Life without water you cannot survive
7. Alternative forms for cooking: BBQ Grill, Camping Stoves, Propane, matches, lighters, wood stove, outdoor stove, fireplace 
8. Alternative forms for heat (cold regions): wood fireplace, stock up on seasoned wood, wood stove, propane, insulate drafty doors/windows, area rugs/carpet on cold floors, insulate basements.
9. Clothing (varies) we have 4 seasons here: Having coats, boots, warm clothing for the family, warm sheets and blankets, gloves, socks, and thermal underwear for layering, winter snow pants/suits.
10. The Kitchen can be Your Medicine Cabinet: Learn what herbs/seasonings you have to help cure ailments. Certain Teas will do the same. 
11. Learn a new skill like sewing, quilting, repairing broken items around the home, re-purposing what you have into something new.
canning, cooking,etc.
12. Store dry goods in longer term storage in Mylar bags, glass jars, or other containers, use bay leafs to detour bugs keep food in a cool dry place,
13. Keep an emergency kit in your car, work place, and buckets to grab and go for a vehicle in case of a evacuation. Keeping important documents in a water proof container, water, food, clothes etc.. a few days worth. 
14: Always Keep your Gas Tank Full!!!
15. If we have an EMP you will not have cell phone, cable, tv, computer, internet, no car use, no running water, no electricity.
Do you have enough information in library (Books) to get you by in difficult times. Have candles(lighters/matches) Check out my EMP Article
16. Embrace the old ways of living with no frills and simplicity.
17. Learning how to make meals, stews, bread, preserves,.... 
while mending clothing for growing families. Adding a scarf that has seen better days on a blouse for a different look. Think outside the box and make do with what you have.
18. Gold and Silver: small investments in Gold and Silver will help if the economy collapses. Do not purchase paper Gold and Silver. 
Get hard silver and gold in hand. Do Not Pawn your Jewelry for cash keep it for hard days ahead for cash/bartering.
19. Health and Wellness: having cleaning supplies is very important keeping a home clean will keep virus/disease at bay. This includes
personal health oral hygiene and body cleanliness. Buy cleaning supplies for the home, laundry detergent or alternatives like 100 Mule Borax. Wiping down surfaces/door knobs/ washing sheets/pillow cases blankets when loved ones are ill will keep bigger health issues from becoming worse. Buy body soap/wash, toothpaste, tooth brushes to be replaced every 3/6 months if ill immediately, shampoo/conditioners, razors, menstrual items,etc.   

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