Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Finding Treasure for my Home

The treasures I found today are wonderful. As I look for items for my home and savings for my family I shop at thrift stores. My guest bathroom has the toiletries lying on the floor. Terrible I know. Today I found the perfect container with a beach theme that is charming and functional for $5.99 which I gladly paid for. I then traveled down the road to my second shop. You see my sister and I had been looking for cloth table napkins and found them to be extremely expensive in the stores. To my delight I found some. The first set with the gold white and red are for my sister $1.98 per set. They will be a gift. The black and burnt Orange sets are mine $1.98 per set. Along my search I found a a beautiful table topper that is quilted with an Apple in the middle for 99 cents. Then next to that was hanging a set of blue jean place mats perfect for my children for $2.98. Lastly, a bag of high quality cloth ribbon for 1.98.  After discounts and coupon I had for the store I paid 7.00 for my bounty at the second store. Always remember to check for membership cards discount and specials.

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  1. Love your blog. I read it all the time!!! Happy New Year!!!