Thursday, January 11, 2018

Marriage Woes 

Ephesians 4:32 And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. 
  The struggles are real in any relationship. When you no longer tune in to each other and rather tune out. When we allow our world to revolve around our children, career, or other ambitions. Forgetting to nurture and grow our relationship's with our husband's (significant other).  When kind words are no longer a part of the day. When you don't look forward to seeing each other.  When your unable to remember the last time you held each other kissed, touched, or made love. It may have been days, months, or years. 

Our relationships are what we put into them. Do you feel all you do is to try and try with no acknowledgement of your efforts or return?  Please know God see's your effort's. However, it maybe time to find new solutions to old problems. One of the main issue's in relationship's are communication and listening. My marriage has it's up and downs. Especially, recently where communication has become a issue. I will admit I am guilty of being stubborn. However, when I do put forth effort to acknowledge and listen to what my husband say's it makes a world of difference.  Especially, if I address his concerns and make changes in my home or routine. This lets him know I am listening and I care. I know what makes my husband smile and what doesn't. I am human and in my immature moments I won't do what makes him happy like a hot meal waiting for him after a long day. I know I can push myself to complete the task but I simply won't just because I'm unhappy with something he may have said, done, or not done.  Spitefulness (anger/pettiness), is not good in any relationship it just creates more strife and hardships. This I am learning and changing. We often chose our own happiness and its route. I am making positive strides towards building my relationship with God and in turn my husband. I am not perfect nor is he we are human and make mistakes. My challenge to you is to go out of your comfort zone to improve your relationship. Listen and acknowledge what your partner is saying. Makes changes to show that your are listening and you care. Everyday reach out and physically touch it can be a hug, passing of the hands, a touch on the arm, back, face, or standing side by side.  Embrace each other before leaving for the day and hug when they return. Bring back the romance that brought you together. Pray in the evening and pray at meal time while touching hands. When the relationship of a husband and wife are strong the roots run deep and are almost indestructible. I hope you enjoyed my fruit of the day.  If any of you can relate let me know down below.

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