Sunday, February 16, 2020

SHTF Knocking On Our Doors! What Are You Waiting For!!!!

In the past several weeks I have watched the numbers of those infected with the Coronavirus rise. I've seen truly heart wrenching videos. One particular of children who had passed ages no less than 4 years old and below. The bodies placed side by side in one body bag along with their coats/clothing. I cried, prayed, and prayed again. I am no stranger to these types of scenes as I was a Safety Defects Analyst and received fatalities reports from around the world for review, report, and investigation daily. But these scenes of these children with no parents around to comfort them. Surrounded by doctors in full dress for infection barely trying to touch them unless only out of necessity. I wonder if they had any comfort from a loved one to hold them and stroke them so they knew they were not alone. We know the answer No. That could happen here in the USA with our loved one and infected children. 

I've seen videos of people being forced into a mode of survival like non-before. Some of these videos are disturbing to say the least. I wish we could do more to help these people as our day here in the USA will come for us. 

The CDC (Center Disease Control) has clearly stated the USA will be affected and it's communities. Quarantines may become common place in the USA. The CDC stated the virus will be with us well past 2020. 

The DOD (Department of Defense) has already began to set up Quarantine Stations these are the ones we know of...I'm sure there are many more not being announced:
The new quarantine centers are:

  • JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii (HNL)
  • Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base, Illinois (ORD)
  • Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Texas (DFW)
  • March ARB, California (LAX)
  • Travis AFB, California (SFO)
  • Dobbins ARB, Georgia (ATL)
  • Fort Hamilton, New York (JFK)
  • Naval Base Kitsap, Washington (SEA)
  • Joint Base Anacostia, Washington DC (IAD)
  • Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey (EWR)
  • Fort Custer Training Center, Michigan (DTW)
                                                      Graph above provided by

Articles are being written as I type of expected empty shelves do to lack of inventory Walmart, Target, Safeway, and the list goes on etc.. The articles are stating empty shelves or lack of supplies as early as April 2020. The USA leans so heavily for imports food/product from China and other countries is beyond comprehension. 

Graph above is provided by the

If imports don't pick up Food Prices will Rise. Get your pantry
stocked up now while the availability is there and prices are reasonable. 

I urge you to have several weeks if not months worth of water, food, and supplies you normally use. If your community is affected with Quarantine you/family will fair better. Now lets no stop there the economy is being shook up as well. So, play it safe have some money in small bills on hand in case things happen that are not the norm. I pray you all are investing in your in preps so that no matter what happens you and your family will be good. 

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  1. There are Two more military bases that aren't listed here. Marine Cor. Air Station Miramar, San Diego, California
    Lockland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas

    Watching and researching what is happening with long term, emergency food companies since the last of December, I find prices have risen. Some as much as $20.00 per product. The items they still have and are selling is taking up to 3 weeks to a month to get them when they normally ship out with 3 days.
    Product after product in the major emergency and long term food companies are sold out/not in stock.

    Other items that needed to be focus on are things like toilet paper. Figure out how many rolls your household goes through in a week or month and multiply that by 12 months or 52 weeks and throw in a few more for times when people get sick and you need more. Store up at least a years worth. You can buy them by the cases. Dollar Tree offers a brand called Strong and Soft that is pretty good. You can buy a 24 package case for $24.00, that's 96 rolls. If you don't have a lot of room to store them and you have a food saver vacuum machine, put a roll in a vacuum bag and flatten the roll and vacuum seal it, takes up a lot less space. Packages of good napkins that are already flat can be used as toilet paper and will vacuum down easily to next to nothing and can be store in a very small space.
    Store baby wipes. They can be used for many things. Walmart sells high quality baby wipes for under a dollar. They are heavy duly, come in scented and unscented.

    If you have pets don't forget to stock up on their food. High quality dry dog and cat food will last a long time and they don't have food dating because of this. Canned pet foods will have food dating that are at least 2 years in advance. Buy both. Buy flea and tick remedies. There is a really good spray one sold at Dollar Tree, Nature's Best, else where you will pay $9.00 for the same bottle. It's all natural and can be used as a mosquito spray on humans, you could drink it and cause no harm. Might make you sick and throw up, but no harmful ingredients.. . If our pets use pee pads stock up on those.
    Stock up on cleaning supplies, hygiene products, vitamins, over the counter drugs and pain killers (aspirin and such), anti acid products , pepmo, anti gas, anti diarrhea these type things, bathing products and laundry supplies. You don't want to run out of any of these
    These are just a few of things people need and forget to store.