Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My Pantry Goals This Week

Having a list of items needed or goals for your Pantry is important.
Times will become hard and well all will lean on our Pantries much more than usual. Setting up some goals will help to build it up. Here is what I wanted to accomplish this week: 

1. Red Feather Butter (Repeat Purchase)
I have been wanting to order more Red Feather Butter this is from New Zealand. So, I saved my money and placed an order $164.00 for a case of 24 cans. These are not cheap but worth every single penny. Great for times when things are lean and butter can be pricey. The butter is real butter and taste just like Sweet Cream Butter but in a can that stays shelf stable till opened. I already have some in my pantry but wished to have more. Just received it yesterday. 

I ordered mine from Pleasant Hill Grain link is below:

2. Augason Farms Flour 17lbs Buckets 2:
These have been on my list for a while. Flour can get very messy when transferring from packaging to long term buckets. So, my husband chose to order to 17lb pound buckets for our long term storage. I can make bread in a pinch. Its Winter and the weather is cold and perfect time to let them sit in the garage so the cold temps can kill eggs etc.. He bought them from Amazon. It has been recieved.

3. Canned Foods:
Now, this is a constant for me since we are a large family. Today, I visited for the 1st time Lidl. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see some good deals. I bought 6 cans of Lidl Premium Chunk 
Chicken Breast in water 12.5 oz for $1.55 each. These normally run for over $2.09 in other stores. Dates out to November 2022. Can shown is not Lidl brand but used for reference. 

Additionally, I bought 6 cans of Hearty Stew Beef 20oz (1lb 4oz) these are like Dinty Moore Stew but cheaper. The cost of these were $1.69 on sale normally $2.00. These all have dates out to October 2022. 
4. Butter:
We use Sweet Cream Butter Salted and Unsalted. I found them for a excellent price at Lidl as well $1.79 (4 Sticks 16oz). I bought 2 Salted and 2 unsalted. Picture below is for reference not Lidl Brand.
5. Bega Cheese (Canned): This is a Australian product therefore its been difficult to get now with the wild fires. I set up a pre-order via Pleasant Hill Grain so when it comes in I will get a case of 36 for $112.00. My family truly enjoys cheese. Cheese as well can be expensive. To have this in my pantry for my family during hard/leans times will mean a great deal. Estimated time now for arrival is 3/2020

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  1. Hi Anna! I love your utube channel. I know you watch Alaska Prepper because I seen you on livestreams. I wondered if you have tried making ghee. I haven't been brave enough yet.