Monday, May 13, 2019

U.S. and China Tariff Problem

Looking at the information above provided by the U.S. Census. It
easy to see that America is a consuming country. A throw away mentality. If something breaks just buy another why even try to take the time to fix. When is the last time you went to a Shoe Repair/Cobbler or Vacuum Repair. Its a sad way to live when people do not appreciate nor value the goods they own or buy.
A false sense of security has been built. We shop and visually feel secure of the abundant supplies of food and product that we reach for when shopping. Never truly fearing a day that the shelf may be empty at the store. 

What should we be concerned about? These tariffs will not be paid by the companies bringing over the product. We the consumers will pay the cost so who really is hurting here. The average American consumer will be hurt. Its effects will be felt in every purchase we make or no longer will be able to afford. Do not be surprised if the items you normally reach for are higher in price or simply no longer available. The increase will take a hit on our budgets. This will decrease the amount of money we normally have to allocate on bills, electric, heat, food, medicine, doctors, car payments, insurance, mortgage, rent and the list goes on.

The unseen victims American farmers that are struggling with already ruined crops and financial loss's. They are going to get another blow to their business and families lives. The effects of the crop loss's are felt around the world with unusual weather causing crop devastation.  

Prepping will be vital for all our regular needs. Focus on the important things and set aside money to get your home and family in a better place for food, medicine, and all your normal needs. 


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