Thursday, October 19, 2017


                The hand's God gave us working diligently to bring beauty and memories.
I am blessed to share some of the wonderful work's of my friends here on youtube that joined my Crafty challenge. Enjoy the video!

It often amaze's me how one's imagination can translate to a piece of art. Just as the thought of someone sending a gift give's a smile. The time, effort, and travel to a Post Office. As if completing a journey of sorts. The art of writing a letter that has lessened with each generation. The expectations of a loved one or friend's writing sharing their life, moments, articles, and recipes. It's such a precious offering of memories. One can sit on a chair with coffee or hot chocolate wrapped up in a warm blanket.  A light nearby shedding a soft glow while a gentle smiles comes with the reading of cards, letters, articles, ephemera (photo's), and recipes. We often can tell who the writer is by the handwriting. Little nuance's of time's gone by... I remember as a child my father sending Birthday and Holiday cards to me. I knew just by the handwriting it was from him I was 5. As the years passed my cards and letters became a bit less when he was sick. My father is no longer with us. But I still have memories in my heart and hands that I can read over and over again. Let's take a step back into time and begin writing our family members, friends, and others. Plant the seed of writing in a child's path and watch it bloom. The art of writing needs to be embraced once again.

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