Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's never to early to think of Christmas for next year. Saving money year round goes hand and hand with financial goals that lead to financial Freedom.  Keeping a budget may be new to you or even something familiar.  Depending on your families yearly income things will vary. Lets do a simple numbers. Lets say you have a family 4 consisting of  husband, wife, and 2 children.
Husband $100.00
Wife        $100.00
Child 1    $120.00
Child 2    $120.00
Total        $480.00 to set aside for Christmas

That is $10.00 a week to save till the end of December
ramp up the amount so you will have it sooner for early shopping.

Lets not forget friends, family, and Teachers. Here are a few idea's.  Baked goods in a Dollar Tree Festive container or sweet bags that they have out now. Get beautiful boxed Christmas cards from the Dollar Tree while you are there. Remember their are lots of great ideas online, Pinterest, magazines, or books.  Now, if you don't bake or have a crafty bone in your body. You can find really nice gift idea's at the Dollar Tree through out the year so pick things up here and there. Tuck them away in a container or gift closet however your system works. Lastly if your on an extreme tight budget there is nothing better in the world than a receiving a hand written card or letter. Letting the person know the kind of difference they have made in your and your families life.   

Now Family that's a whole other story. We do something simple now every year. Adults do not gift to each other. A month or two before December. The children draw a name of another child. A cap of $20.00 is the norm. This helps each family.  We always get together on Christmas Day everyone brings a dish and desert. Let the good times roll!!! Have your camera to capture memories and create new ones. 

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