Saturday, November 18, 2017

                         Plus Size Fashions by Simply Be and Torrid

   I just posted 2 video showing some of my fashions. As a plus size woman I want to look and feel good.  No Moo Moo's for me those tent like dress's. I am a 22/24 but even when I was a 30/32 I never wore them. Always wanting to embrace the beauty of womanhood. I just picked up a few things from Simply Be and did a quick try on for you. I find Simply Be to have a really good level of Fashion that is not over the top.  Pieces that can easily blend into a wardrobe and give special occasions a extra boost of fun. I have personally purchased lots of intimates from Simply Be as well and really enjoy the colors, comfort, and trends that they offer. There is nothing more confident than knowing you have a sexy Bra and matching panty under your clothes. It's a personal boost of Sexy you carry all day long. Top that off with a beautiful signature fragrance. You got the Boom Shockalaca factor!! I would love to start incorporating Hats and gloves into my looks. Those were accessories worn in the past that would be devine right now. Never be afraid to rock a different look than the norm. That is what fashion is all about. Embrace it and have fun.

   Let's not forget ladies a good shoe and purse bring's it all together.  Invest in accessories that can change the look of one outfit into something completely different. Be smart and economical.

Accessories like:
Undershirts/Turtle Necks/Dickies/Tanks
Hats and Glove (Bring em Back ladies)

   Always have a budget for Fashion and stick to it. Shopping at Thrift stores, Church stores, yard sales, and getting second hand items from friends and family is always a win win.  Try something fun like a get together where everyone brings 4 to 5 items where everyone can exchange for other items. You will have fun with friends and change your wardrobe all at the same time. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

                                      Learning to Say No Letting Go to a Better Home

This world is a constant ever churning existence. There is always something to do or some where to be. When do you slow down? When do you rest? Learning to say No is important. We over extend ourselves with obligations, gatherings, children's activities etc..  Saying No will allow you to re-group and focus on yourself and family.

Once your able to slow down. Think of your home it should be a sanctuary of peace, beauty, comfort, cleanliness, and harmony. Coming home to a clean, fragrant, and organized home leaves room for rest and relaxation. Simple ways to conquer is focusing on certain area's of your home for 20 minutes. Pick a space, trash bag, donate box, and timer.  We have to remember this will not be an overnight re-make. It took time to get your home to this point.. it will also take time to change it back.  Think of friends, family, and neighbors do you have something they could use? Or would it be easier to donate. This process will release you of burdens of less items to pick up, clean, wash, move, or relocate. You will feel lighter and good about giving back to the community. This is a short video of when I donated some items. It felt great!!!