Friday, January 4, 2019

Baby Steps towards Organization

Today, has been a interesting day. As you know my word for the year is Home. I decided to start in my kitchen. The kitchen is a area where most families cook, eat,share meals but also hang out.
My kitchen has been a bit of a struggle for me I will admit. So, today I challenged myself to clear certain areas that were cluttered. As I went through the different sections I felt a sense of freedom, calm, and happiness. I threw away a box of items. Recycled another box and changed/stored certain items in their new homes. My kitchen is rather large so this will be a challenge lasting about 1 week. Lets break down what I accomplished so far:

1. Cleared the clutter on the floor behind a chair(it was alot).
2. Scrubbed the wall, trim, and 2 doors in the kitchen.
3. Cleared all items off the large ottoman and placed a blanket to cover the fabric that has seen better days. This also is a storage unit.
4. Moved all my soap making supplies (melt and pour, molds, cutters, shea butter, scrubs, and essential oils to a new home).
5. Placed all my various Honey's that I have into a large basket for easier access/use.
6. Washed Dishes by hand and put them away
7. Cleaned the lint trap of Dryer with Vacuum.
8. Placed all loose Emergency items into a box to find a home later this week.
9. Bagged up all the children books and toys.
10. Swept the Kitchen Floor then vacuumed.
11. Pile of Magazines went through them and recycled after tearing out what I wanted to keep.
12. Table Cloth threw away plastic flannel back cloth that had seen better days with a fresh Red Plaid Cotton table cloth.
13. Took down Christmas items from the kitchen into container
14. Placed vacuum sealed cereal into plastic zip lock large bags for storing (bought these from Dollar Tree).
15. Cleared the front of the refrigerator and top.

and of course in between this cooking,watching the kiddos, approving comments, and watching netflix as I cleaned,lol. I still have a long way to go to complete the kitchen project. I hope you all are taking active steps towards your goals.

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