Monday, January 25, 2021

Prepping My Home A Different Way


When we think about Prepping we automatically think of water, food, medicine, and a means of self defense. I'm Prepping my home a different way for the next few weeks. These beautiful winter cottage's are by Thomas Kincaid. The warm glow from the windows and welcoming feeling seen from the outside of a chilly winter evening is inviting.

We can create our own ambiance and comfort in our homes. I made a few Amazon purchases Vanilla Lavender, Woodland Mystique, and Himalayan Magnolia Vanilla Air Wick Plug Ins. these will be placed through out my home. 



I will choose books that I want to read and set up warm blankets and pillows for special reading time everyday along with my children. This will be a family activity during these brisk cold days when the outdoors are not an option. 

Candles are another way I create ambiance. I purchase candles through out the year when sales pop up. So, when winter comes I am set. I purchased Yankee Candles, Bath and Body Works, along with Sonoma from kohls. On occasion I come across a great candle at Ross, Home Store, or TJ Max. Don't get me started with wood wicks they create the sound of a crackling fire. They are amazing. 

I hope you all are creating your comfort areas in your home and enjoying these chilly days with warm cozy slippers, fuzzy/flannel blankets, good books, warm drinks and scents. Do you do something special? I would enjoy hearing it. Please share down below.


  1. Such great ideas to create love, watmth and comfort...Reminds me of hygge! Thank you Anna! I pray you and your family continue to be blessed and protected by The Most High! 🙏💞☕

  2. That's an awesome idea I can do with my grandkids thank you Ana your awesome