Sunday, May 27, 2018

                                                           Lets talk Fashion
           Life: this ain't no dress rehearsal live it fully beautifully              
Life: this ain't no dress rehearsal live it to the fullest in a beautiful way

Lets talk Fashion
Fashion is an expression of you it can tell others how you feel or the mood your in. I know as a homemaker sometimes fashion is the last thing I'm thinking about. Guess what I did. I gave myself a test for 4 days I pushed myself to get dressed in the morning and a light day make up look. I woke up earlier than normal so I could complete the task with no disruptions just me time. I felt like a million bucks. It put pep in my step and I felt beautiful. My energy level perked up because I was feeling good about myself and my husband appreciated the effort. Now, lets get a little personal as a plus size woman it can be daunting putting a look together that makes you feel Fabulous. It can be done. Go through your closet and try things on and see what gives you a immediate beautiful look and what ever doesn't get rid of it. This allows you to weed out the do's and dont's in that closet. Our taste change as we age and per season. For years I would only wear only black and now I'm rocking color especially neon brites they are my favorite. Don't be afraid to express yourself with fresh color, prints, floral, textures and brites. I hope you all take the leap and empower yourself with Fashion and Accessories!!!!

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