Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Are you a Smart Prepper

As some of you may know we are a 1 income family. My husband and I work together towards making sure our food and water supply at a decent level. Some of you may ask why? You may even be thinking she is crazy,lol. Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls. They may come in form of a weather event, illness, injury, job loss,economical/recession or death. All these would be a big hit emotionally and financially. Most of us are not prepared even for a job loss let alone temporary illness or injury. 
These are real life events that happen.

When was it the last time you looked at your pantry. This would include water food, spices, and long term foods. These long term foods can be 20/30 years shelf life, canned goods/canning, or food you have placed into food savers bags for extended life. One of my friends on YouTube (At Home with Alicia) is going to use their stock pile of food for the month of July and be on a limited budget. I think that is a great idea! I may have to challenge myself as well to use my food stock. This would allow me to see what my family liked and disliked. Lets Jump into something I feel is important.  Having cook books with 4/5 ingredients are great. However, Cook Books in general are good to have imagine you can no longer afford Internet/cable nor a cell phone. Having Cook Books and other Alternative Health Books (Herbal Healing from the kitchen) and references could make a big difference in your life. Food for thought excuse the pun. Now you may ask what do I have in my pantry. I have shared a few videos on this on my You Tube Channel but here is a short list and a video below.

Some of the foods canned goods or extended I like to have on hand are:
water: Very Important cant Survive without Water
make it a point to get a case of water whenever possible
canned meats:chicken,beef, chili,tuna, salmon,etc
veggies: asparagus,corn, green beans,tomato/sauce/sweet peas,carrots,beet, yams, pumpkin,potatoes etc.
fruit: mixed fruit or apple sauce etc..
soups: all kinds canned or dry
breakfast foods: cereals, oats, granola, pancake mix
spices: are large array to choose from including honey/coconut oil/olive oil,salt/pepper.bay leaf etc.
pasta and rices various kinds
beans: navy beans, red beans,pinto and various dry beans
alternative drinks:shelf stable milk, juices, lemons/honey water, etc..
baking:sugar,flour, yeast,vegetable oil, baking powder etc
cooking helpers: sauces, packaged seasoning,butter etc..
cakes/muffins/cookie mixes/

 Now, lets take a short trip through history.  It provides us with a glimpse of what has taken place and what items you may want to consider stocking up on. Spices and Tea where very expensive and hard to come by. Normally, only the rich has access or funds for such luxuries like sugar, spices, honey, or flour. Remember honey is great for health, foods, and drinks. If the honey crystallizes it can be easily reheated/melted and placed into another container for later  use. Now, lets take a leap into growing our own foods. I don't have a green thumb to save my life(big smile). I'm just keeping it real. So, this process of growing our own food is a bit scary for me. Especially since we are renters and digging up the ground would be a no-no. I have done some research and a garden in pots is what we would be doing as a family. My husband has expressed interest in this. So, lets see what happens. 

My final words. Caring for ourselves and family is easier when you are not in a life crisis. So, I encourage families to start working on their food supplies and water if or when the day comes that tragedy strikes it wont hurt your family as badly because of your forethought, action, and love. 

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