Thursday, September 17, 2020

Here is the Truth Food Bank Lines Miles Long

People standing in mile long lines to get food from Food Banks. Cars as far as the eye can see. They are packed with families in lines that go for miles. Waiting for their turn to get much needed food for their homes. Many are ashamed and unwilling to go to these places. Some unable to even leave their home from a disability. 

Our government cannot relate to the struggles of the average American. Many Americans refuse to acknowledge the problem themselves.... those that are lucky enough to still have a jobs. States are stacking food to the roofs of warehouses waiting for the impending rush when no food will be found in the stores. If there is no problem... why are States filling up warehouses of food. Competing with other states for the same products. The Department of Agriculture knows so does our President, Senate, and Congress. The untouchables. They would not go hungry while their constituents suffer. 

We need to prepare our homes to the best of our ability. Get a little here and there to build up food reserves and buy seeds. Buy the seeds for foods that your family would enjoy eating. Study the growing times in your state/area. There are lists available by states of the best plants to grow and when. Do a simple online search for your state. Lastly, become pro-active it won't happen magically over night. Everything takes time from food growing along with pantry prepping. If your working towards it your ahead of the pack. The average American family only has 1-3 days of food in their home.

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