Monday, April 26, 2021

Dollar Tree Prepping


Yes, you can prep at the Dollar Tree. Here in my video above you will see the items I bought for our prepper pantry.

Shelf Stable Gossner Milk and Almond Milk

Barilla Angel Hair Pasta

Barilla Thin Spaghetti

General Mills Cereals

27 Cans Campbells Soup (Chicken Rice, Tomato, Chicken Noodle)

Other Foods

Hungry Jack Dehydrated Hash Browns


Children's Battery Operated Tooth Brush's

Regular Tooth Brush's 

Ropes (Hanging Clothes to Dry) or in a emergency a Dollar Tree Tarp and Rope use as shelter between 2 tree's

Mop Heads Cotton for Wicks in Oil Lamps

Mouse Traps (Just in Case)

Hand Soaps Name Brand

Cleaning Products

Hair Products Name Brand Full Size

Antifungal Foot Cream (Compared to Lotrimin)

Anti-Diarrhea Caplets (Compared to Imodium AD)

I always take advantage of great deals for home decor, books, along with crafting supplies as well. As I am a avid crafter this is greatly appreciated. I will be sharing in my next video 2 deals from CVS where I got Toilet for Free! Im always on the hunt for deals. I watch Youtube Couponers that list the deals and all you have to do is find them and make sure your coupons online/paper are clipped and go!


  1. Ana, I work with elementary students (K-5). I have a set of the play money, and I've created a small store with empty cans. SOME-but not all- cans allow you to open the bottom vs. the top. Then the can appears full when placed on the table. Other cans (for instance tuna) won't allow you to open the bottom. In this case, the paper label can be removed and glued back on upside down to give the impression of being a full can. I also stuff jello, pudding, and Jiffy mix boxes with a plastic grocery bag and then tape shut. It appears to be a full box. I have an egg carton (dozen size) that I filled with fake eggs that I found at Easter time. They look just like real eggs, though of course you could use colored plastic Easter eggs. The kids simply LOVE this. We take turns being the store employee or the shopper. No attempt is made to be realistic with the pricing, though you could do that if you were trying to teach money and math. They also take other toys from my shelf to make a scanner and a debit card. It's hilarious to see what they think happens in a store. Sometimes they have to "work" first to earn money to go shopping. This could be sorting a shelf, or stacking books or whatever. In the fall I have a little toy rake and Dollar Tree leaves as a decoration and they will rake the leaves into the bushel basket to earn grocery money. Really fun and good role playing.

  2. I forgot to mention I also have some produce I got at Dollar Tree for fresh items.

  3. Carole, again, being a pest! Today I had 4 4th graders in my office using the grocery store play set. So fun and SO loud! They started playing it more or less realistically, but it evolved into a noisy mess with each one sort of starring in his/her own little drama. Imaging these modern, electronically-raised kids having such fun with literally under $5 worth of stuff. The money tray and the plastic vegs...$2, the plastic eggs were a couple of dollars at Michael's. And the rest is stuff that would be discarded.