Thursday, April 1, 2021

Home Series What I Do Every Month


The 1st day of every month is a fresh start for everyone. You can take time to reflect and re-group. Get your favorite drink find a cozy spot to sit get notebook and pen. Now with a clear relaxed mind write your goals and thoughts. Your list will change as you go and will be different every month. Depending on life and its events.

My goals and thoughts:

Time with God/Meditation: find a good time either during the day or night to dedicate at least 15 minutes

Organization: work in 20-30 minute intervals in certain sections of my home everyday 

Finances: set up my budget and goals

Health: continue to work on

Prepping: go through my pantry and storage see what we need to replenish

Business: work on my business(s) and it's passive incomes

Donate: every month (clothes, shoes, kitchen items, home decor misc)

Study: economy/agriculture and its effects on the world so I better prep at home

Home: change out decor, bedding, curtains, and candles to suit the weather and time of season with what I have at home.

Crafting: make time for my hobbies dollhouse miniatures, jewelry, wreaths and paper crafts

Recipe Books: pull some books out and do recipes

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