Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Homemaker's Tip's For The Home While USA Food Prices Surge

 As most us have seen food prices have gone up. You carry out less  and less food while paying more. A easy way to combat this dilemma is to shop smart. Look for sales, coupons, deals and in season fruits/vegetables. This will help with your bottom line. 

Now, most will not like to hear this. Cooking at home will save you money. Going out to eat cost's more than buying groceries that can be spread out for several days. It's important to be smart during these uncertain times. 

                               I can feel the eye rolls and sighs,lol. 

Many of us are stressed, over worked, and literally burnt out by the days end. We have to push ourselves for the betterment of our families. Cooking at home will save you money and believe or not bring your family closer together. Keeping simple meals to 5 ingredients or less. Crock pots are a great cooking tool. When you get home the dinner is ready for the family. Cooking larger batches of rice, soups, breads, beans etc. That you incorporate into other meals will save you time. 

Cook with purpose and re-use left overs. Go online for recipes (allrecipes.com) or cook books at home. Write down the meals you especially enjoyed with your family so you dont forget. Keep them in a note book, box, or folder for easy reference. 

These difficult times are pushing more families to cook at home. Embrace it and enjoy the journey. Involve your children and sit down together for meals. Talk about your day or things to come. It's a by gone tradition for many families. Lets take on this challenge for cooking at home and enjoy the new connections that you will make with your family. 

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