Saturday, October 16, 2021

USA Food Shortages Rolling Black Outs and Increased Energy Costs Basics

Food shortages are the new norm for the USA. Many still walk around in a daze of misbelief. For many that have stood in mile long lines for a free bag of groceries understand the reality clearly. It will knock on every Americans door. 

Now, we are facing shortages of not only food but clothes, electronics, vehicle car parts, home goods, shoes, toys, and medicine. Top that off with different forms of energy (oil, gas, electric, natural gas) with sky rocketing costs. These costs will determine if a family gets groceries for the week or not.

I felt it was important to remind everyone of the basics and what will come in handy with shortages, rolling black outs, and high living expenses that most are not prepared for. In the USA we have a few states that experience rolling black outs these events do not allow you to keep foods cold in a refrigerator safely. You need to change your way of thinking. Shelf Stable goods will be your go to items! Before we go any further Water is a Must Have!!!!

!!!!!Have Water!!!!!Have Water!!!!Have Water!!!!Have Water!!!!!

when it gets bad water becomes priceless. Look at the different weather events where the electricity was gone and water went from 

$4.00/$6.00 a case to $40-70.00 a case Cash Only

!!!!Have Cash!!!!Have Cash!!!!Have Cash!!!!Have Cash!!!!

When the electricity is gone no one will be able to do a purchase unless you have cash in small bills. Don't expect to get money back.

Here are a few of my articles that maybe helpful:

Food: canned good are your best choices!! They require no rehydration (water) shorter cooking periods and no refrigeration. Some foods are ready to eat ( chicken, chilis, fruit, corn, and many more). 

Canned Goods List:

Canned meats: tune/chicken/ham/vienna sausages/jerky/fish


Shelf Stable Milk- regular/evaporated canned

Protein or Granola Bars


Dried Fruit of any kind/Canned Pickles/Beets/Apple Sauces/Fruit Cups

Peanut Butter/Smaller Jam Jars that can safely used with a few days time

Snacks (Chips/Crackers/Cookies/breakfast bars)

Pre-packaged meals like Hormel that are already cooked. 

Home Canned Meals/Meats

Canned Soups 

Canned Beans

Jarred Ghee (butter)

Canned Cheese (Bega)

Save fats from meals example meats/bacon to use again. If I have missed anything please leave a comment below.

The next article we will discuss keeping warm or cool. Looking at what is happening in the world and how people are coping around the world.

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