Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Food & Product Shortages Hitting USA


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the USA having food and product shortages. Going to the stores finding empty shelves and signs with limits on product per person. Having to wear a face mask because of a pandemic (Corona Virus). Having to stand 6 feet apart. Using Lysol wipes on everything, hand sanitizer every day, washing my hands constantly and watching for any kind of symptom my body may exhibit. Watching our country shut down for months. Trying to make ends meet with finances, food, shelter, gas, and utilities. Staying home....for many families this meant virtuall learning for children. I had no clue what Zoom was but I learned it and so much more. 

Everyday I see more warnings on the news around the world of shortages. I see the struggle in many countries and its at our door. The average family has 2-3 days of food in their home. A frightening thought. We should aim to have several weeks, months, or year of goods in our homes. To safe guard our families.

Shortages on vegetables/fruit. Look into growing your own food in pots or using hydroponics. What in the world is Hydroponics? It is a way to grow food using nutrient rich water and no soil. They can grow in doors all year round or outdoors in a Green House. I have a Aero Garden it has its own grow light and sits on my kitchen counter. On a tight budget there are a ton of videos on YouTube to help you create your own Hydroponics system economically. 

Shortages on meat have been in the news. The best way to combat this is canned meats, beans/lentils/legumes and other protein rich foods. 

Shortages on toilet paper and other goods. Think of your families needs.... the amount of  usage then look for sales and get these goods into your home. 

At the end of the day it's about being pro-active, smart, and goal oriented. Make a list keep it on your person and when sales pop up take advantage for the necessary goods for your home. No need to panic just change your way of thinking and doing things to adapt to the current situation at hand. Prepping your home is the best insurance that always pays it forward to your benefit.

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  1. Great advice. I have herbs coming up in my new Aerogarden right now. The grandkids helped me start it. Have you found a good deal on the liquid food? Amazon? Or any substitutes?