Monday, August 2, 2021

Dollhouse Miniatures Do What You Love


In this video you will see the before and after of my Buttercup kit house. I changed up the living room and bedroom of this charming little cottage towards a Christmas Winter Theme.

  Often times we forget the little things that bring us joy. I have been lovingly curating Dollhouse Miniatures 34 years. It all began at age 16 when I visited Franks Nursey that no longer is around. They had pre-built dollhouse's on display along with dollhouse kits, accessories, and more. Their dollhouse section was clearing out from its store. I jumped at the chance to buy my 1st dollhouse at age 16 with the money I had saved from doing odd jobs here and there. 

                                  This is my 1st Dollhouse that began my life long hobby.

  I remember the excitement of it all very clearly. I teeter tottered the huge dollhouse on top of a shopping cart. I had a small 2 door car. As I struggled to make it fit I tried every which way to make it happen lass it didn't. I felt defeated. 

 I had to ask a friend with a SUV to help. He came and helped me load it into his vehicle and get home. This is when my life long love began for dollhouse miniatures. 

  As time passed and seasons changed in my life so did my ability to enjoy my hobby. There were  times I had to put them away for what felt like years while I worked full time and had children.

 Just within these past few years. I have been able to re-discover them once again. The peace of mind and relaxation I get from them is wonderful. 

Note: We moved around alot. Each move proved loss's of broken miniatures and houses. Basement floods that had even more loss's than I care to think about. The artisan hand made pieces are bitter sweet loss's to say the least. This still did not douse my fire and enthusiasm for my hobby. 

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