Saturday, June 22, 2024

A Homemakers Summer Days


                               A Homemakers Summer

It's that time when the children are off from school. You get to sleep in and slow down. Gears shift from a daily drop off routine to a new home routine. I have boys and they are growing. They stay hungry when going through a growth spurt. That being said all 3 are at my toe asking for food constantly through out the day. I have to laugh because I'm not to sure where it all goes.

I had grandiose plans of doing a long list of changes in the home. They have shifted as the heat has slowed me down. Now our days are greeted with 100 degree weather. The plans we had for day trips have been set to the side. At least till the weather subsides.

There is a constant rumble and noise in my home. Yes, I have boys (gentle smile). When all becomes to still or quiet I look to see what is happening. 

I have found these days are joyful watching my boys grow and interact with one another. Their joy watching them eat a home cooked bake or meal. The smiles and conversations at the dining room table and the boundless questions of a curious mind.

These slow days I have learned to embrace.

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