Friday, February 23, 2018

                                            Busy Bags & Folder Activities
                                             for Children 

I will admit I haven't made any busy bags or activity folders in a long time. However, having 4 year old twins that can get pretty much into everything through out the day means they need to be kept busy. Its that time where I need to focus on learning activities like busy bags and making folder activities once again.

For the next several weeks I will be visiting Pinterest and Youtube where you can find a gold mine of ideas, activities, and more for children. I will share what bags and/or learning folders I create as I go and do video's on youtube as well. Busy bags and folder activities can be made with things around the house with little to no investment besides your time and creativity.

Remember themed Holiday bags and folders activities are different and fun for the kiddos. So, lets be pro-active and kick it into high gear with learning fun!

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