Friday, February 8, 2019

Natural Healing Hints and Tips

I was going through Pinterest this fine morning and came across a few items that I thought were food for thought. The first photo above shows a wonderful way of growing your own herbs inside. Beside is a short list of common herbs found in our kitchens that can provide healing properties. Most of us forget the ways of our ancestors and natural healing. 
Embracing the old to become the new of our everyday.

Lastly, I wanted to share this leaf identification. This is information most should know. I plead guilty I do not nor my children. My husband is another story he can identify alot of trees and leaves. In this day and age most young people and children cannot identify a indigenous plant,tree, birds, or animals for their immediate area or state. But these young people and children can identify clothing and shoe logos for hundreds of manufacturers. Times have changed but not in a good way the basic knowledge of our ancestors needs to embraced and re-introduced to our young people, children, and grand children.

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