Saturday, February 23, 2019

Up-cycle Clothes & Home Using What You Have

January, I presented myself with a challenge of sorts. I wanted to up cycle some clothes that didn't fit correctly, unflattering, or a bit damaged. I wanted to keep items with good fabrics, color, and condition to re-create a new looks. I still have not started..... 

What am I afraid of? 

I had not started my projects and they sit in a pile staring at me. What is holding me back?  I am not afraid of the fabric or messing it up.... well maybe a little. 

I am afraid of failing. 

I see I will need to push through this feeling and just start 1 project from start to finish. I will pick something simple. I already did my bedroom curtains which I lined with the white cotton center of a queen size bed ruffle. The thick tapestry ruffle left over will be valences for my home. 

So, this week I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone to create something more personalized for me. Something Unique and Different. I will share on my channel what I am going to do and steps I will take to make it happen. I will start and finish this regardless of how good or bad it may look,lol. Wish me luck!!!
Anything I cannot capture on a video I will post photos here on my Blog. 

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