Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Prepper Stockpile: What We Need


                                                                             The picture above is example of organized preps from the internet.

I do a lot of online shopping for foods and supplies. This is safer during Covid-19 for our family. There are benefits and draw backs to this method.  Online shopping limits us from a larger variety of foods, goods, and spices. Therefore we make minimal trips to the big box stores for the fill ins. 

Restocking our preps is always a family activity with the kiddos helping taking goods by hand and placing them on the shelves. This always provides an opportunity to look at what you have or may need.

These are Items we need

Looking at our stockpile my daughter made note that we were low on spices and variety in certain goods:

Spices: We use these everyday (need more)

Soups: different kinds/flavors (Chicken Rice, Lentil etc) 

You can bulk soups by adding beef/chicken/hot dogs/sausage or spam. Non meat bulk ups potatoes, rice, or beans. Expanding a soup/stew for a large family by adding liquids (water/broth/tomato) for multiple meals. You can add corn bread or homemade herb bread to complete.

Proteins: Corned Beef Hash(low) and difficult to find. My last trip to Walmart had no Corned Beef Hash for any brand. The shelves were clear of this product. Cooking Tip: Spice you corned beef hash as any other meat (spices and pre-made spice envelopes) and you will have a delicious meal.

Canned chicken when on sale etc.. Keystone is a USA brand and normally has a 5 year shelf life that goes well beyond that. 

Swanson and Walmart brand is good as well there are many choices:

It's very important to really look at your shelves and see what you and your family enjoyed and if you need more of it. This is also a great time to donate to a struggling family or elderly any foods that your family is not enjoying. This will free up space for foods that will incorporated for meals they can enjoy in the future. 

                                 The picture above is example of organized preps from the internet.

                                 The picture above is example of organized preps from the internet.


  1. Now I'm motivated to go inventory the little things that are easily forgotten. Spices, salt, pepper etc. Also sauces and condiments.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Been prepping. Cleaned up to see what I have. I have 4 bottles of dish soap so know I don't need anymore. Helps to rotate and know what I need . Prayers. KIMMY