Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Legacy of Home


Home life has taken a new meaning with Covid-19.  Families who normally have packed schedules and obligations are now spending huge amounts of time at home. Juggling home schooling and work. 

Winter is Upon Us and Covid-19

Now that winter is here. You look at your home differently. You seek comfort, warmth, and refuge. When the weather chills your bonesThe outdoors is something you look at through a window. The tree's are bare and the ground is brown. So, in turn you bring color into your home. Your favorite chair gets a lap blanket, book, or warm drink. You wear layers like a warm shaw or cardigan with your comfy house slippers. 

Your home may get a new look with winter themed towels, comforters, and sheets. You take out the warm wooly blankets. Curtains that are thicker with lining go up to keep the cold out. Door draft stoppers find their way to draft doors. There are many how to video's on Youtube and Pinterest to make your own.

Cushions for wood chairs. Throw rugs are moved to cover cold floors. Drafty windows get a quick fix with plastic window kit (below a video of me putting up a Dollar Tree $1.00 window Kit). 

The kitchen is a place of gathering for comfort foods. Hearty meals, soups, casserole's, and warm drinks. During these times of reclusion. 

This is a wonderful time to talk with friends. Write letters, scrapbook, read, cook, and do your favorite hobbies. 


  1. Great information. Love your blog.

  2. There's a ton of work involved in putting the plastic on the windows, but I can certainly see that y'all will reap the benefits on so many levels.

  3. I now really need that cat draft blocker!😸 guess I will have to either hunt down the fabric or paint some canvas!