Saturday, April 9, 2022

Amazon Prepper Food Haul Price Comparison's From Then Till Now

 Today, I am sharing 2 prepper videos from my YouTube channel. I include prices as I go through the items I have bought. What I was able to buy then verses now for the same money is impossible. We as homemakers have a up hill battle to make ends meet. I encourage you to prep your pantry's to secure a better future for your families. I see alot of rough years ahead of us. Food shortages, product shortages, and higher prices for utilities with grab a hold of all of us. We can better position ourselves right now by getting ready for these rough sea's ahead. Be strategic with what your family truly eats, consumes, and use's. Basics are water, food/seeds, medicine, cleaning products, toiletries/paper products and means of self defense. Lastly, try your hand in gardening. Victory gardens during the depression era is what got families through tough times. 

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