Monday, April 18, 2022

USA Bird Flu and It's Affect on The Homemaker Recipes and more.

 The Avian Bird Flu is upon the U.S.A. 23 million birds have died.  It has spread over 24 states.  It is affecting commercial and back yard chickens. They say it is the worst since 7 years ago where 50 million birds died. What's the big deal? Let me share with you why this is important. 

We are facing food shortages and prices hikes. Our weekly and monthly home budgets will not stretch. We sit idle at our tables with paper and pen scouring over sale papers from different stores. Trying to come up with the best financial choices for meals and deep freezers.

Now that you found the best prices it's time to shop and cross our fingers they have them in stock. You go to the store money on hand and pull up to an empty case of meat. There is none in sight. You quickly feel deflated and frustrated. You ask kindly if they have any stock in the back the dreaded nod of No Sorry comes quickly. 

This is when we switch gears and go to the canned food isle to find canned chicken/beef/tuna/vienna sausage/corn beef hash anything that may be our saving grace. We got lucky they have them now to choose with your limited funds. You choose the chicken and corn beef hash. The chicken can be made into many different meals or appetizers. The corn beef hash has well remember this can be seasoned beautifully just like any other meat/protein. 

I need eggs you whisper to yourself you quickly think of the many meals and casseroles that you can make. I hope they have them with the shortage. Your in luck they are available now you see rainbows and breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe this weeks meals will not be so difficult to create after all. Below are some idea's of meals to make.

Meals with canned or left over chicken from a previous meal:

Chicken Salad can be made with mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, celery, onion, pepper,  paprika, pickles, cranberry, nuts and variety of mustards. Every recipes will vary according to what you have and your taste. You can eat these with crackers, bread (sandwich), rice/pasta or inside a baked potatoe. 

Creamy Chicken Pasta

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken Salad Crackers

Chicken Salad and Baked Potatoe

Chicken Rice Soup made simply with chicken stock, rice, and chicken be it left overs or canned. Add your seasoning its a comfort food and filling. If you use a chicken you can keep the bones to make a bone broth as well. 

Bird in the Nest is a great option for anytime of the day. They do have different variations that cook in the over in cupcake tins with filo, bacon, hash browns, and more. My family enjoys the one you will see below. I do add spices, cheese and occasionally left over sandwich meat (smoked turkey) that I cook on the side and add on the top.

Egg Salad Sandwich they have different variations that you can customize according to what you have in your pantry.

A common meal is rice with 1 egg on top in our home. We use spices and sweet/hot sauces to add personality to the meal. The rice is an easy quick and economical find. 

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